Tour of the Good Life

A round tour throughout the Benelux and far beyond, to let everyone taste it the good life. Everything starts with ... experience! And we strongly believe that with sparks.

At more than 20 locations you can participate in demonstrations or guided workshops, to introduce you to sparks, or to follow solid courses for the advanced. Non -obligation demos, or master classes tailored to all facets of the fire. Are you also sparking?

Three options. For each his own.

Demonstrations at our distribution points

We join forces with our distribution points, where you can find us on their BBQ Experience Day (s). Meet one of the founders and fire chefs of sparks during our continuous demos, accessible to everyone and free of charge. You can go there for all your questions and more. We are about the basics, how to use a spark best, maintenance ..., but above all we show some simple recipes to really see the sparks at work. Our founders Will show you how you work efficiently and easily with a spark. Free entrance. Register and win a spark of mini. 

Guided workshops at Atelier@833.

You want to get the hang of your sparks? Then these workshops are probably something for you. Sign up on one of the various workshops at Atelier@833 with the founders and fire chefs from Vonken. From all -round workshops where we prepare a whole menu, to focused workshops on bread, pizza or slow cooking. For each his own. When you walk outside after one of these workshops you are a real master in sparks. Paying. Nice gift bag included in every workshop. 

Experience Events

'The Good Life' ... Everyone wants that, right? Do you want to experience what life includes with a spark? Be sure to come to one of these events. Festivals, fun establishments and ambassadors show sparks of her best side. Is it now Langoustines on the Plancha or a beautiful Whole Chicken on the Rotisserie element? Come and experience it! Free or by invitation. Check the event for more info.

The Tour of the Good Life in a nutshell.

Below you can see all the events at a glance. Where do we meet you?